Reasons To Not Vote Dwight Holton For Oregon's Next Attorney General

After being passed over as U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Dwight Holton has now set his sights on the Oregon Attorney General’s office. But does he have a record we can trust? NO!

Holton has been a leader in efforts to overturn Oregon’s medical marijuana law, both as interim U.S. Attorney and now as an Attorney General candidate.

Last year, after two horrible deaths, Holton sent a letter to Reed College students, telling them that the War on Drugs must continue. He chastised students and the administration for their statements that marijuana is not the same as heroin and shouldn’t be treated the same.

Now Holton has his sights set on Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Law.

Last fall, Holton led a DEA effort to attack and destroy medicine being grown for medical marijuana patients in Southern Oregon. DEA agents swooped in, destroyed the plants and took property to be seized under federal forfeiture laws.

Holton had the audacity to claim that medical marijuana grow sites were supplying the rest of the nation with marijuana, blaming a 14-year-old voter-approved, state program for the failed policies of marijuana prohibition for the last 70-plus years.

It drew the wrath of state legislators in the area, both Democrats and Republicans, for the heavy-handed unnecessary federal intrusion into an Oregon state law.

As a candidiate, Holton told the Eugene City Club Oregon medical marijuana law is a “train wreck.” It’s clear he intends to throw patients using the program on the rails of the Dwight Holton Career Politican Express.

Holton wants to be our attorney, “the people’s attorney?”


First and foremost Oregon’s Attorney General MUST defend voter-approved laws, not try to strike them down for his own political gain. What voter-approved law will he strike at next.

This race is over on May 15.

There’s no Republican candidate so the winner of the Democratic primary on May 15 will be our next Attorney General.

There’s no time to waste.

Ellen Rosenblum is a respected, thoughtful judge who clearly stated at the City Club debate that enforcing wasteful, antiquated marijuana laws should be the lowest priority of our cops. She said she would defend Oregon’s law, work to make it even better, and stop wasting resources we need to stop serious crimes and fund critical state services.

The choice is clear.

Vote NO on Dwight Holton.

He’s working to overturn the voter’s will on medical marijuana.

Let’s not take any chances on what might be next.

Dwight Holton Talking About The Oregon Medical Marijuana Act At The Eugene City Club 03/20/12

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